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We’ve had our Bolt battery in our 6 seater precedent for 5 months now and it’s a BEAST and holds strong! We use our cart every weekend as our primary car and have never had a single issue. We have a big system on our cart, amp, sub and Tons of light pods and it handles everything. It also increased our speed by a few miles! Very happy and recommended to everyone and meet! Customer service is top notch and was there for me thru the installation process. Which was very simple with everything provided along with detailed instructions! Great job Bolt on a top notch product! You’ve gained a customer for life!

Russell Ford

I just installed the lithium 48 volt 105 Ah Battery in my golf cart. More pep and endless (seems like it) run time, fast charging. EXCELLENT. Fast shipping, Amazing service, no email work order numbers here, call them and they quickly answer you questions and help however necessary. I would buy from them again, but probably won’t have to.

Charles Pedersen

After searching for lithium batteries and being laughed at by a couple of companies for the amperage requirements for my Bad Boy buggy 72 volt Recoil, I finally stumbled on the Bolt Energy website. I contacted them and was assured by Bobby that their 72 volt battery would fit and be more than adequate for my requirements. Boy was he right! They sent out the kit ( packaged beautifully) and I was able to install the kit with a few technical questions answered by Brent. I was never put on hold or had to be called back. The project was actually fun, everything fit and worked perfectly. Jennifer was very pleasant and handled all the paperwork and phone calls. I’m sure performance will be far superior to the lead acid batteries when they were new. A big thank you to the Bolt Energy team, I couldn’t be happier!

Sue Cushing

Excellent customer service! Found a mush superior battery for my cart and could not believe the pricing was great. If you are in the market for batteries for your cart , look no further. Bobby was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I only wish I new about Bolt Energy before, I will never use any other source as this product is Top Line!

Serras Group

Best lithium battery on the market. All the staff including Jennifer are the best! Felt very welcome coming in to pick up our batteries. Bolt Energy comes highly recommended by Polk County Golf Carts!!

John Long

What an amazing product and awesome customer service, talk about plug and Play with long bolts to hookup all my accessories. No recalibrating after every charge and being able to see live data on my phone as well I don’t foresee ever being stranded… Everything has been thought of for these batteries can’t wait to see what’s in store next

William Russell

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a lithium battery and finally had the chance to do so! What a huge difference! My cart charges in no time now and I don’t have to worry about if I need water in the batteries! Very happy I made the upgrade! Highly Recommend Bolt Energy! Great customer service!

Mark Thompson

I have converted my I60l from agm’s to Bolt 72v. A few months ago I went to the villages with my family of six, ages 9, 14 and 19 years old and we got 10 miles max both days before it stopped while camping there. Also going up the hills was very slow.

Today we decided to be brave and make the trip again for the day with bolt. We were able to do 27.6 miles for 2.3 hrs of driving an average speed of 24 mph unless in turns and hills and etc. I just got home and went to plug it in and had 11% left after full 100% this am.

Also I load this cart on the back of my 3500, before I used to need a running start and could not stop til I slammed on to the truck. Now I can creep, stop mid way and it will keep going even at the 11% today. Really happy with my conversion. Plus the extra room is nice as well. Thanks Bolt.

Victor Perez

Very high quality and complete product, and incredible customer service. I ordered a lithium battery kit through one of Bolt’s dealers. Any lithium battery is expensive, but when the package from Bolt arrived and I saw the quality and all the extras you get it took the sting away. All this stuff is REALLY nicely made. The wrinkle powdercoat finish looks great, all the stuff matches, hardware is included, everything’s nicely packaged. There’s so many awesome little details, like spring loaded grab handles with rubber grips, all the extra labels, decals, color matched zip ties and so on. I had one minor issue which was caused by the shipping company and was no fault of Bolt Energy. Jennifer at Bolt went so far above and beyond to make things right. They dealt with the shipping company and made things so easy for me. The issue got resolved and I could not be happier. This experience makes me confident that if I should ever have an issue while it’s under warranty (10 years!) that it will not be a huge effort to get it addressed. I highly recommend this company and their products.

Aaron Beyfus

Fantastic people to work with, definitely recommend their products. Picked up a 72v 105ah into my EZGO RXV and installed the same night. No issues with starting and driving. Love it, really wakes up the cart.

Nghia Ho

Bolt Energy’s products are fabulous and that will become self evident as soon as you have them installed. The pricing is absolutely unmatched! If that weren’t enough, the customer service you will experience with this company is the paradigm of good business for any consumer. Look no further!

Ken Arsenault

WOW! Have you ever spent a whole day traveling 2 plus hours to get to a destination, where you think you are going to better your company with a new supplier but what you end up with, is much more than that along with meeting a very special group of the best people you could ever meet? Want to experience this? Stop in at Bolt Energy USA and talk with “EVERYONE” there. Bobby, Brent and the entire team play a huge part in how this AWESOME company is run. From all of us at P&S Golf Cart Repair and Cart Life Carts, thanks so much for a fun filled full day well spent. Friends for life guys!!!

Tim Bourke

Excellent work! Battery is awesome. Cart was cleaned up nicely. Recommended to all our friends!

Mark Felderman

Bolt energy is by far the best lithium battery on the market. Bobby, Brent and Jennifer are some of the best people to deal with and super knowledgeable

Charlie Stout

Bolt energy specializes in golf cart batteries. They are very good at what they do and have a passion for providing the best battery on the market along with excellent customer service.

Whitnee Suarez

The absolute best customer service!! Bought two batteries in the past 3 months. 160ah and the mini 105ah. Took slow up the hill DC club cars to flying up the hill at top speed! Thank you to the whole Bolt team for your amazing service!

Thomas Loch

Bobby at bolt was more than help when it comes to explaining everything about this battery. Installing was pretty simple and the power this battery has compared to lead a battery is amazing the design looks amazing and comes with solenoid and wires needed to do the swap. The whole kit includes everything for the installing will recommend 100 percent and the customer services is top notch im glad to be part of Bolt Energy USA family.

Yunier Delgado

We installed the 72v battery into a Club Car Onward with a navitas AC conversion kit. The power is unreal and never ending! It can completely transform your cart into a Beast. Will definitely buy again! Thanks Bolt energy!

Matt Van Dussum

I recently had a 51v 160AH Bolt lithium battery installed in my lifted Bintelli 6P cart. All due diligence was made in research and shopping on both the battery and the company I was buying and I can confidently report 5 stars. The team takes a personal interest in their work and it shows on their customer service and hunger to build a great relationship with their clients.

Bill Staaf

Great service. Delivered when they told me it would be. Lithium battery been working great easy charging good customer service and help

David Martin

A couple of weeks ago I helped a friend convert his 2017 Textron Prowler EV IS 4×4 to Bolt Energy USA 72v 105Ah Lithium-LifeP04 battery. This was my first Golf Cart/Buggy I have worked on but I do have hobby related electrical and mechanics abilities. I originally spoke with one of the owners Bobby who answered all of my technical and shipping questions. My friend ordered the battery the same day and it was at his door in Texas in about a week! I first measured the voltage on the small wires connect to the old batteries and noted they were supplied 72v (I thought that was weird) so I called Bolt and talked with Bobby who patched me over to his partner Brent. Brent looked up the schematic for the Buggy and confirmed it had a voltage reducer built in and to wire directly to the battery (no need for the voltage converter). So I lengthened the negative wires (had yellow crimps and spare wire handy) to reach the battery posts. I removed all the old batteries and replaced the positive cable (New one was supplied) at the controller located under the rear deck. Then I installed the supplied battery mounts. I had to drill new mounting holes into the battery box but no big deal. Then I changed out the solenoid (drilled new mounting holes into plastic) for the larger supplied one. Next I installed the battery and made the connections. I turned the key on and the lights came on and tried to see if the buggy moved. Nope. Checked my connections, and they all looked good. I noticed the flashing yellow and red lights on the first controller and googled to find out the trouble codes. I didn’t have luck finding the resolution, so I reached out to Brent, who quickly looked them up for me and asked me to remove the Diode and resistor from the solenoid. Boom, that was it! I installed the onboard charger and plug behind the drivers feet and done. Got back from the test ride and it was so fast I’m glad this buggy has seat belts! I was watching on the bluetooth app, we hit just over 300a on a slight uphill straight. The quick and knowledgeable help from Bobby and Brent along with the very complete conversion kit made this a very easy and fun task. No I didn’t get paid in any any way for this post, just hoping to help others out.

Frank Bongiornio

Super easy group to deal with product is awesome and the support after the purchase is just amazing.

Michael Griffin

We upgraded our batteries to Bolt Energy’s Lithium battery and are extremely happy! We are able to drive much further without having to stop and charge, our golf cart is much lighter and you don’t have to worry about adding water to the cells! Great customer service. Wonderful staff! Easy to work with. Efficient and affordable!

Lori Belvedere

Great company, great service, great product! You couldnt find a better lithium battery for your golf cart!

Amanda Kozak

Amazing battery. Best bang for your buck all around. Long lasting and worth every penny.

Angelica Styron

They are the best in every category. Battery company. They installed a lithium battery in my cart. BOLT ENERGY USA. batteries are the best. Chargers fast. Run time is like 45 miles. I won’t buy anything else ever again. WOW!!!!

Emmanual Vestas

I recently became a BEUSA dealer and received my first shipment of batteries today. I immediately installed the the 160ah 48 volt battery in a Navitas chassis. It was a tight fit but worked out perfectly! Bobby, one of the owners at BE, was great to talk to. He is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and a great salesman. I did the research, you won’t find a better lithium battery, anywhere, for the money, period. If you need a lithium battery, the clear choice is Bolt Energy USA.

Charles Kuhlman

Just installed the 72volt battery. Easy install everything was plug and play

Jon Oeller

I brought my golf cart in to Bolt energy the other day to get the new lithium ion battery installed, all I can say is wow what a difference. This battery charges in a third of the time and lasts three times longer than my old batteries. These guys are super knowledgeable, answered all of my questions. I could not be happier. Thanks again guys

Paul Diaz

Very reliable. I had a bad experience with batteries before I found bolt. These have been very reliable in all my carts.

Peter Andrews

Excellent battery. Reliable is key for me and the family and this hits the spot! Appreciate the quick install!

Cj Lazar

My experience with this business has been phenomenal. Excellent customer service bobby sold me a golf cart sometime ago and now he educated me and sold me a lithium battery for my cart and I couldn’t be happier with his service. I highly recommend them. For all your gulf cart needs.

Jennifer Hernandez

Thank you so much to the crew at bolt energy! Our golf cart runs so much better and we can go forever on one charge! We even got more speed, which was an added bonus! The support has been top notch as well when we have any questions!

Emily Morton

Great customer service and very knowledgeable…..Huge difference after the upgrade

Jason Walter

What an amazing product! My cart was in need of new batteries and I chose to replace the standard batteries with this amazing lithium technology! The battery pack took hundreds of pounds out of the cart and seems to run forever! No more batteries every couple years and being stranded with dead standard batteries!

Danny C.

Surprising performance. Highly recommend Bolt batteries!

Mark Drouse

These are seriously the best lithium batteries on the market. They put perform the competition by far! On top of it all, the customer service is unparalleled!

Jim Yoder

Above and beyond excellence.

Tim Hart

Bolt Energy lithium truly offers the best battery setup out there. Great customer service too! Comes with everything you need to convert. So glad I switched from lead acid to Bolt Energy lithium. You’ll be glad you did as well.

Tony B

Couldn’t be happier with the 52v 105ah battery. When I picked up the kit, they gave me the wrong charger by accident. They recognized the mistake and dropped the correct charger off at my house the next morning, didn’t make me come get it. Now that customer service! My club car DS pops wheelies now!

Jesse Rock

Great company and product

Series Carts

Awesome kit, comes with everything!!!

South Walton Carts

Great customer service! Would 1000% do business again. Thanks Bolt team!

Ryan Carbonetti

Great service. Delivered when they told me it would be. Lithium battery been working great easy charging good customer service and help.

David Martin

One word TRUST!! best guys and shop hands down…better than the rest! My golf cart is better than yours because of Bolt Energy and Cruisin Carts.

Shawn Grigg

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